About us

Our portal has been created for seniors and together with seniors. We pay special attention to the quality of products and services for seniors, on the basis of their specific needs.

We would like to cooperate and establish relations with persons and entities who are not indifferent to issues related to senior citizens. We are particularly interested in the future development of our activities in the following areas:

  • provision of various services for elderly persons,
  • sale of products which take the elderly persons’ needs into account,
  • support connected with the employment of elderly persons,
  • health and promotion of healthy lifestyle,
  • ways of spending free time for seniors,
  • housing for the elderly,
  • systems of care in elderly care homes,
  • support systems, such as council housing


The rapidly changing demographic situation in Poland presents us with new challenges, consisting in providing support for elderly persons, encouraging them to actively spend their free time and getting rid of barriers for senior citizens by involving them in social, educational, and cultural life. We engage elderly persons in our activities.

Policies towards elderly persons

We are active in the following areas:

  • Help provided to elderly persons, both in physical, psychological, and social aspects of their lives.
  • Healthy and active aging.
  • Strengthening the positive image of elderly people. Increasing self-esteem of a Polish senior citizen.
  • Integration within and between generations